Ceramic pukeko garden art


Ceramic pukeko outdoor art, garden art, by Splashy. Love these beautiful pukeko. Great gift for anyone who loves gardens and birds.
Very sturdy legs, made from steel… The baby pukeko is looking backwards… so cute…

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Ceramic pukeko garden art, outdoor art. You just found the beautiful ceramic pukeko by Splashy. And a pukeko family would look fantastic in your garden. However, you can also buy them separately.

These ceramic pukeko look great in any garden. And we can send these pukeko all over the world and of course within New Zealand. Cool NZ made ceramics. We don’t have one of these pukeko in our garden yet! But we will get one this summer. These pukeko make a wonderful gift!

The legs are to be inserted in the hole; the angle can be adjusted to suit (best is to cross the steel legs).

Please note the legs are quite heavy (they are made of steel). They look like chopsticks in the photo 🙂

Size pukeko:

  • Baby pukeko: 80mm x 110mm x 50mm / legs: 200mm
  • Medium pukeko: 110mm x 140mm x 80mm / 300mm
  • Large pukeko: 150mm x 190mm x 90mm / 400mm

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The pukeko is a large, conspicious rail found throughout New Zealand. The head, breast and throat are deep blue/violet, the back and wings are black, and the under-tail coverts are conspicuously white. The conical bright red bill is connected to a similarly coloured ‘frontal shield’ ornament covering the forehead, the eyes are also red.

The legs and feet are orange, with long, slim toes. Females are smaller than males, but similarly coloured. Juveniles are similar to adults but duller, with black eyes and black bill and shield that turn to red around 3 months of age.

More information about the pukeko bird >>
Source: NZ Birds Online

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Weight 1000 g
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small, medium, large


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