3D Xmas Decorations


3D Xmas Decorations. Cool and fun gifts. We feature 4 native birds: tui, fantail, kereru and kiwi. And also an angel. These decorations are fun to assemble. And they come flat packed, so very easy to ship. Have fun!

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3D Xmas Decorations

Oh cool, we love these 3D Xmas Decorations. And we choose the tui to have a go at assembling it. Fun to do! The good thing is that these decorations come flat-packed, so very easy to ship all over the world. We have the tui hanging in our office, overlooking the Waitemata Harbour in Devonport, Auckland.

Get creative

It’s great fun to assemble these cool decorations. A bit of fun for everyone. And easy to do. So, if you are looking for cool and different Xmas gifts, you found them right here!

Size 3D Xmas Decorations

  • 80mm x 85mm (3.15″x 3.35″)

These decorations are laser cut from sturdy mdf whiteboard.


We feature 5 designs on our site. They make cool Xmas gifts.

  • Tui
  • Fantail
  • Keruru (pigeon)
  • Kiwi
  • Angel

Tui Xmas decoration

The tui is an endemic bird of New Zealand. Did you know that tui have two voice boxes? No wonder they can make these amazing sounds. We love taking photos of the tui in our garden. Our tui feeder gets many visitors and it’s a joy to watch tui and tauhou (silvereye, wax-eyes) visiting the feeder. We can take photos while sitting on our couch.

Fantail Xmas decoration

The fantail is also an endemic bird of New Zealand. Lovely little birds that follow you around in the orchards or garden.

Kereru Xmas decoration

We have also a native pigeon in New Zealand, the kereru. Beautiful majestic birds.

Kiwi Xmas decoration

And then we have our national Kiwi icon, the Kiwi!

Angel Xmas decoration

Another cool 3D Xmas decoration for your tree.

Or check out our acrylic angels >>

Thank you for supporting NZ made!

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Weight 500 g

tui, fantail, kereru, kiwi, angel


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