Ornately Art

We came across these stunning artworks created by Natasha through our Instagram feed. It was the stunning tui that caught our eye. Love tui, our favourite bird. And we now have one of Natasha’s tui in our office.

So… Welcome to Ornately Art, where fine and intricate detail meet to capture the true essence of 3D laser cut wall art.

Natasha’s creations are born from a passion for blending craftsmanship with creativity, resulting in pieces that exude both beauty and depth.

Inspired by the breathtaking landscapes and diverse wildlife of New Zealand. Natasha’s art pieces reflect the natural wonders that surround us. Each design is meticulously crafted to evoke the spirit of the outdoors. It’ll bring a touch of wilderness into your home or workspace.

At Ornately Art, they believe that every space deserves a unique statement piece that speaks to the soul. Whether it’s the graceful silhouette of a native bird or the vibrant colours of a Kowhai, their collection offers something for every discerning art lover.

Discover the magic of Ornately Art and let their creations adorn your walls with elegance and charm.

All of the art pieces are made from eco-friendly bamboo & Gaboon ply wood and assembled by hand.

And yes, NZ made & Designed

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