Infusions Glass

Infusions glass. Dichroic glass pendants. Our dichroic glass artist Joanna works with art glass, iridescent glass and dichroic glass.

Dichroic means two colour). Joanne makes gorgeous little individual piles . These are are then heated to a very high temperature before being cooled in a controlled manner.

Joanna doesn’t make any two dichroic glass pendants the same and loves the element of surprise when she opens her kiln.

Our glass artist would love to say that each dichroic glass pendant is meticulously planned but creatively she just let the mood take over.

Our artist never has any idea of the finished colour, size or shape of the piece unless it is a commission.

Joanna and her family left New Zealand for work. Therfore we only have a limited number of the Infusions dichroic glass pendants available.

This is it.

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