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Maori glass pendants by Andrew Firth from the Glass Studio. Clear glass pendants.

Because of the hand made nature of Andrew’s glass art pendants there will be some variations between the photos and the actual items, this of course makes each piece unique – however, we have all pendants as shown in the photos available at the moment.

Glass is an artificial material that has been used for around 3500 years to make a huge variety of goods for both function and beauty, with domestic and industrial uses. It has the virtue of being a flexible and versatile substance, and is easily manipulated when hot.

It comes in many different colours and can be transparent through to opaque. When molten it can be blown, pressed, drawn into fibres, twisted, and otherwise shaped using many other techniques. When cold the surface can be engraved, cut, gilded, enamelled, etc.

We only have 3 Maori glass pendants left in stock:

Double twist glass pendant
Single twist glass pendant
Drop glass pendant

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