Corrugated iron art animals

Corrugated iron art animals by Rustic Twist. The corrugated iron lamb is one of our most popular corrugated iron artworks, followed by the sheep.

And yes, you can buy a lamb on our site! Or a sheep! Or a piglet! Other animals: dogs, goats, angora goats, chickens, lamas and even cows! All animals are life-size and made from galvanised iron (recycled corrugated iron).


Or check out our kiwi. We feature copper kiwi and sawblade kiwi in various sizes!

Made in Aotearoa – NZ

We really love these corrugated artworks. All corrugated iron animals are made in Aotearoa – New Zealand. Our artists create the artworks from recycled corrugated iron (galvanised iron).

And we have sent the corrugated iron art animals all over New Zealand and around the world.

These artworks make a great talking point; they are very ‘kiwi’!


I love taking product shots and it is also fun to take shots of the corrugated iron art animals. So I decided to carry a medium sheep up Takarunga (Mt Victoria) in Devonport one day. Wrapped in a blanket (for my comfort).

And taking the small track all the way up the mountain. The sheep felt heavier and heavier, so I made plenty of ‘photo shoot’ stops along the way.

I’ll see if I can find the shots and upload a few of the photos. The photos were taken at dawn and sunrise. The sheep looks pretty good as a silhouette.

I don’t think I will ever carry another sheep up Takarunga though… But may-be the corrugated iron lamb one day…

Please note that we will give you a quote for shipping the corrugated iron animals.
We also send you a quote if you order from overseas.
Thank you!

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