NZ greenstone carvings IV - NZ Pounamu

NZ greenstone carvings, NZ Pounamu by our artist Andrew McGregor.

Unfortunately we won’t receive any more of Andrew’s greenstone pendants at the moment until further notice.

We do have Ngai Tahu pendants >>

Here’s Andrew:

“For me carving Pounamu is a continual journey that has led me to discover much about my heritage and homeland. And a profound respect for this beautiful stone which is as hard as steel.”

Kia ora,
I am a Pounamu carver and Artist of part Ngāi Tahu Descent, originally from the West Coast of the South Island now living in Christchurch. I have been carving Pounamu for the last seven years. After learning how to carve and earning a Certificate in Jade and hard stone carving, I was offered a job as a full time Jade carver at a large carving studio where I worked for around three years.

Since then I have built up my own workshop and carve a wide range of jewelry designs and sculptural pieces and draw inspiration from ancient history and the traditional and contemporary art forms of my combined Maori and Celtic ancestry.

Nga mihi,

Andrew McGregor
Jade Carver and Artist

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