NZ bone carvings I

Bone carvings by Paulz

NZ bone carvings I.

These carvings are unique collectors bone carvings by Paulz. Beautiful one-off bone carvings. Paulz’ Maori bone carvings are quite distinct and quite recognisable pieces of art.

Paulz is Paul, he is the bone carver behind the name ‘Paulz’. He bases most of his bone carving designs on New Zealand’s Maori culture but also creates other popular bone carving designs.

All of the bone carvings are made from beefbone. The bone is NOT bleached. It is boiled and then sun-dried. This preparation means that the natural flecks of the bone are retained.

All bone carvings are presented in a wooden box made from old farm fence battens. The timber varies but is largely kauri or totara.

The string and weaving work on the carvings is waxed nylon and is plaited by hand. The nylon material is preferable to natural flax simply because of its durability.

Paul takes great pride in the quality of his work, which he says is ‘all in the finishing’. ‘Finishing’ involves sanding each piece with many different grades of sandpaper so the bone carving pendant is smooth before it’s polished. The time taken in this final process is obvious in the finished product.

Unfortunately Paulz has stopped creating his beautiful bone carvings.
We only have ONE manaia carving left in stock.

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