Love living Devonport

We LOVE living in Devonport. I would go for a bike ride at dawn during lockdown at Level 4 and Level 3. Such a beautiful start of my day… Or walking up Takarunga (Mt Victoria) or Maungauika (North Head), both volcanos offer fantastic views towards Auckland city and Rangitoto Island.

Time lapses

Love photography and also creating time lapses. One of my favourite spots to take time lapses is at Maungauika (North Head) in Devonport. Peaceful and quiet and not many (if any) people around.

Maungauika and Rangitoto

Please find four time lapses of taken at Maungauika looking towards Rangitoto island in one clip. My new challenge is to learn video editing using Adobe Premiere.



I would like to create a short video clip of our Aotearoa.co.nz businesses in the future… Just need to organise footage and learn a bit more about Adobe Premiere. Watch this space…

Love living in Devonport

Yes, best place to be… fantastic views… lovely community… beaches… vulcanos… birdlife…