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Buy New Zealand made.

Buy New Zealand made. Buy NZ made campaign.

And yes, we LOVE being part of this campaign! Our Aotearoa.co.nz site proudly displays  the New Zealand Made Kiwi trademark. Aotearoa.co.nz has been part of this great campaign for over 10 years.

We love promoting the beautiful NZ gifts and artworks by our talented artists. And we totally love the fact that most of the gifts on our site have such a distinct New Zealand and/or Pacific flavour. Not only designed in New Zealand, but also made in New Zealand!

Buy New Zealand made. Buy NZ made campaign

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Aotearoa.co.nz features a great selection of New Zealand made gifts, art and souvenirs:

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Buy NZ made

Info ‘Buy NZ made campaign’

The “Buy NZ Made” campaign is promoting and encouraging people to buy NZ made products.

It is run by BusinessNZ, a business advocacy body made up of New Zealand employers and manufacturers.

New Zealand manufacturers, retailers and government have been involved at times in promoting local buying since the “New Zealand Industries Week” of 1908, but the current campaign started in 1988 with Buy New Zealand Made Campaign Ltd formed to license the use of the “kiwi in a triangle” logo.

In April 2008 Buy Kiwi Made celebrated 100 years of buying Kiwi made, referring back to the earliest efforts.

Shop NZ made gifts… Buy NZ made gifts… at Aotearoa.co.nz!

Did you know that Aotearoa.co.nz started in 1997? Aotearoa.co.nz is one of the first online shops selling New Zealand made gifts. And totally love having an online business that supports our New Zealand artists and their beautiful gifts and artworks.