Beautiful Maori carvings

Beautiful Maori carvings available at our online Aotearoa.co.nz shop in Devonport, Auckland, NZ.

Have a look photos of some of the carvings and artworks we feature on our site. We love the variety of carvings on our site and have sent them all over the world. And of course within New Zealand.

Aotearoa.co.nz offers authentic greenstone carvings, bone carvings and wood carvings. We work with very talented artists from all over New Zealand.

Greenstone carvings from Aotearoa, New Zealand.  Whether you are looking for greenstone (pounamu) carvings, bone carvings or  authentic  Maori wood carvings, you can find these NZ made items and artworks on our online shopping site.

Unfortunately we only have a few wooden masks available at the moment. We have ordered more masks and paddles, but there is a bit of a delay.