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NZ acrylic photo blocks

NZ acrylic photo blocks
New Zealand made photo blocks. Acrylic photo blocks. We quite enjoy taking photos and have thousands of photos on file. We started out with creating small mdf photo blocks (still available) quite a few years ago. Then one of our suppliers offered acrylic photo blocks and we've added these acrylic photo blocks to our site too.

We are based in Devonport, a lovely historic seaside village just across from downtown Auckland, New Zealand.

New Zealand is a stunning country and many people from around the world have spent time in New Zealand. And it's nice to be able to share the stunning NZ scenes and NZ art through our site. We love digital photography, we love Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Your own photo on an acrylic block?

Aotearoa.co.nz is happy to organise this for you.

We can also take commissions for acrylic photo blocks, however, there is a $12 extra cost (per order).

Available sizes:
  • acrylic photo block: 90mmx90mm (3.54"x 3.54")
  • acrylic photo block: 70mmx210mm (2.76"x 8.27")
  • acrylic photo block: 90mmx285mm (3.54"x 11.22")
  • acrylic photo block: 4"x6"
  • acrylic photo block: 5"x7"

Wooden mdf photo blocks

One size only:
  • mdf photo block:90mmx90mm (3.54"x 3.54")
We mount our photos on either black or white mdf photo blocks (powdercoated).

We have a huge range of photos:
  • NZ scenes
  • Auckland
  • Devonport
  • NZ nature
  • NZ birds
  • NZ arts
  • NZ special events (yachting)
  • other
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