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Mamarua means two mothers and the artists Anna and Therese pooled their skills and resources and creative energies. Mamarua’s kaupapa (philosophy) includes not only designing beautiful mementos reminiscent of our Pacific heritage, but also producing them 100% in Aotearoa, using all recycled materials with eco-friendly packaging.

So, welcome to Mamarua's range of beautiful New Zealand made ‘Mementos of the South Pacific’ which are all made from recycled material here in Aotearoa (New Zealand). Resin heart pendants, resin koru pendants, resin nautilus pendants, resin tapa pendants and pewter hearts.

Each of the carved designs evokes a sense of place, a timeless spirit, and a connection to the vibrant land of the South Pacific.

We are very proud that our mementos are made in New Zealand employing eco friendly principles, proving that sustainability can be stunning!

‘Mementos of the South Pacific’ are 100% made in Aotearoa.

The designs each originated as a carving. We then utilize a molding technique and use recycled material to create these beautifully crafted mementos.

Due to the nature of recycled material each memento tends to harness its own individuality. You may see a slight colour differentiation or unique air bubble giving each memento an original twist.

The recycled material Mamarua uses is a recycled synthetic resin, and using a process of molding, the material can be molded into the designed forms you see. The recycled material has numerous variations within it therefore the process of drying, re-grinding and screening is critical. The actual recycled material itself is waste / scrap from other molded products like display stands, covers, plastic components etc. The scrap is collected, chipped and screened – it is a lot more time consuming than using virgin material and if we didn't use it would go into our landfills.
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