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New Zealand gifts & souvenirs

New Zealand gifts & souvenirs

Original New Zealand gifts & souvenirs from our talented Kiwi artists. Made in New Zealand

One of our most funkiest suppliers is iNZspired
Inzspired's original and innovative NZ gifts are all designed and produced in New Zealand. The Inzspired team puts particular emphasis on quality from the sourcing of raw materials, through to the production, marketing, presentation, and service to both their retailers - like our Aotearoa.co.nz - and their (our Aotearoa.co.nz) customers. Have a look... we feature quite a variety of NZ gifts and hope to add more in the future.

And inspired by the Pacific, we feature beautiful resin kava bowls created by Aloha Friday

Aeon giftware.
A range of contemporary ethnic New Zealand wooden souvenirs and gifts are inspired by our artists' Maori heritage. They are a passionate bunch of kiwi’s who are proud of who we are and what they do! That passion to create “works of art” that portray the beauty of Maori carving & design has fueled what started as a solitary coaster set 15 years ago into the extensive range of gifts & woodware that Aeon is now able to offer you.

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