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Steam Punk by Rainey Designs

Steampunk is a fusion of Old World and Modern, as well as futuristic themes. 

Rainey Designs recycles old components to give them new life as adornment.  Our Timepiece Range is comprised of one-of-a-kind, intricate vintage timepieces which are then contrasted with modern components of a natural theme. 

We feature the following pendants
  • kiwi
  • fantail
  • swallow
  • dragonfly
  • bee
  • bighorn skull
  • longhorn skull
  • stag's head

And we now feature popular coin cufflinks:
  • One cent coin cufflinks
  • Two cent coin cufflinks
  • Five cent coin cufflinks
  • Ten cent coin cufflinks
  • One shilling coin cufflinks
  • Threepence coin cufflinks
  • Sixpence
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