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Pacific Pearls Ltd - Jade paua silver

Pacific Pearsl LTD, Jade and Paua range

Beautiful jewellery range by Mike Baker. Silver rings with greenstone, silver rings with paua shell, greenstone pendants with Maori designs in silver. Please note that if you choose a ring and it needs to be in a different size, there will be a NZ$15 extra cost on top.

From our artist Mike:

My full name is Michael William Baker, I've been a manufacturing jeweller since I started my apprenticeship 54 years ago at my grandfather's business in Wellington.

I owned an operated a greenstone company called Kotuku Greenstone which was very successful and I sold it to Dale Borlands Ltd. Having created all my own designs and then made them exclusive to Dale Borlands. Since that time I got involved with Farmers Trading Co Ltd and designed and supplied their 42 stores throughout New Zealand, with all their diamond ring range. This went on for approximately 4 years until the head buyer, Mr Mark Beckett, went out on his own and set up Mark Beckett Diamonds in Newmarket.

It was impossible to continue our relationship with Farmers after Mark had gone and for the last 6 years or so I did most of Mark's diamond ring designs and one off pieces for his shop. Previous to this I was domiciled in Rarotonga, Cook Islands and heavily involved in the black pearl industry. I had two retail shops in a joint venture with a local Cook Islander. Once again I was manufacturing black pearl jewellery for the tourist trade for both shops. It was about this time I ventured overseas, namely to Tahiti, Vanuatu and Fiji and established a business supplying retailers in  Fiji designing and producing a  range of top range black pearl jewellery, including precious metals and diamonds. This venture is still carrying on to this day.

I was also approached by a leading designer in Australia, who was working on a royal coach that was being made in Australia and shipped to Buckingham Palace for the Queen. The name of the coach was Britannia and I was commissioned to make the handles for the doors, which were covered in Australian sapphires and diamonds. A photo of this coach and the handles is attached for your perusal.

Coach handle with sapphires and diamonds
Photo by Mike's son, Stephen Baker

Without boring you any further, I could go on forever, but after 54 years I have to stop somewhere.

Mike Baker

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