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New Zealand Wood

New Zealand Wood

New Zealand wooden gifts for home or office. Beautifully hand crafted wooden bowls from native New Zealand woods

New Zealand wood art.  Ian Blackwell.
Variety of beautiful wood art for the home and office. Homeware, officeware, gifts; whatever you wish to call it, our artist Ian Blackwell puts a capital C in the words 'Creative' and 'Clever'. He creates really cool New Zealand made gifts from NZ wood. Very useful for the home and office (from photo frames to jewellery boxes to koru cufflinks to business card holders and many more useful and items. Ian caters for many special occasions and his items would be a great birthday gift, wedding gift, Xmas gift, corporate gift. Or a gift for any other special event.

New Zealand wooden bowls by Greg Morris.
We also feature beautiful wooden bowls made from New Zealand kauri, rimu and other New Zealand native trees. All created by our wood turner Greg Morris. All bowls are unique and one-off pieces of wood art. A timeless gift from nature itself, beautifully crafted into a wooden bowl.

Aeon giftware.
A range of contemporary ethnic New Zealand wooden souvenirs and gifts are inspired by our artists' Maori heritage. They are a passionate bunch of kiwi’s who are proud of who we are and what they do! That passion to create “works of art” that portray the beauty of Maori carving & design has fueled what started as a solitary coaster set 15 years ago into the extensive range of gifts & woodware that Aeon is now able to offer you.

Discovery giftware.
Only a few recycled rimu frames and rimu jewellery boxes or treasure boxes are still available.

And you will find authentic Maori wood art from Tiki Design under the category 'Maori carvings'.
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