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NZ bone carvings II

Maori design bone carvings by Joe Katoa.

Bone carvings, bone pendants.

Maori design bone carvings by Joe Katoa. Limited numbers available as our bone carver Joe has retired.

Joe Katoa was our first bone carving artist and we have been working with him for over 15 years. Very talented carver and his beautiful Maori design bone carvings have been sent all over the world. We will feature fishhook bone carvings, koru bone carvings, manaia bone carvings and many more. Joe is from Tonga, one of our beautiful Pacific Islands.

At the moment we only have the small fishhook bone carvings, manaia bone carvings, koru bone carvings and patu bone carvings online. We hope to add more bone carvings soon.

The bone carvings are available in either white (the bone has been whitened) or stained (you can stain your own carving if you wish, just email us for the 'secret' recipe).

We wrap our bone carvings in a piece of tapa cloth from Tonga, for the extra Pacific feel and Pacific touch.
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