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NZ greenstone carvings VI - Discoveries

Greenstone carvings by Discoveries. We only feature items by Discoveries that are made in New Zealand.

These NZ made greenstone carvings are created by their carver Gordon from Te Aroha. Beautiful 'frosted' greenstone carvings. The carvings have a matt finish. Popular greenstone designs including: koru greenstone carving, manaia greenstone carving, fishhook greenstone carving, double twist greenstone carving. Select your beautiful piece of Maori jewellery here...

The artist also creates greenstone tiki carvings, stylished greenstone fishhook carvings, greenstone manaia carvings and more greenstone twist carvings - double, quad and even quin ones. A quin! Imagine that... Email us if you wish one of these carvings. Our artist, greenstone carver, Gordon is based in Te Aroha, in the North Island of New Zealand.

We only feature a few carvings, but hope to expand this range in the future. These pounamu (NZ greenstone) carvings have a 'frosted' or matted finish. It's a lovely finish...

You can find an overview of ALL New Zealand made greenstone carvings and artworks right here
Huge range of greenstone carvings and artworks. 

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