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NZ greenstone carvings I - Regent

Regent carvings

!!! Please note that it is now 'prohibited' to send greenstone pendants by airmail through NZ Post. The only option is now to send the parcels by International Courier service. Please note that will be NZ$35 (Australia) to NZ$55 (rest of the world).

While visiting our wood carver Jason, we spotted these beautiful adze (toki) greenstone carvings. Jason gave us the carver's details and within a week we received a selection of 5 adze carvings, 5 drop carvings and 2 fishhook carvings. We hope to extend the range over time. 

Greenstone (pounamu) adze (toki) pendants, drop pendants and fishhook (hei matau) pendants. 

The toki greenstone pendants, carvings, are quite striking and sure make a statement. The more subtle drop pendants, with carved Maori design, are also beautifully lashed, which is quite a skill. We feature 5 different design adze: manaia adze, moko (tattoo) adze, faces adze, half tiki adze and full tiki adze. We also feature different sized drop carvings and a popular fishhook design. 

You can find an overview of ALL New Zealand made greenstone carvings and artworks right here
Huge range of greenstone carvings and artworks. 

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