Tiki bone carvings


Tiki bone carvings. Small tiki bone carving pendants.

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Tiki bone carvings. Maori tiki.

Tiki: this was the name given to the first man on earth. This particular image is our “thinking tiki” with the head tilted to the side. Where the hand is, is where the strength is. The mouth – having the ability to communicate, the heart – pure and loving, the loins – fertility.

The ripo ripo (recognised by the dots) reminding you that there will be trials to work through and also represents your posterity (descendants) to pass down your knowledge and experiences.

The paua shell resembles the beauty that surrounds you, and within oneself to have high self-esteem and awareness of what is happening around you.

  • Size tiki bone carvings:
    45mm x 25mm (1.77″x0.98″)

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