Round ceramic fern decoration


Round ceramic fern wall decoration. Lovely little gifts… The ceramic fern can hang on the wall. Or use the silver fern tile as a paperweight. Or just place it somewhere as a cool ornament.

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Round ceramic fern decoration.

This ceramic fern (ponga in Maori language) has a hole at the back and is ready to hang. The fern in this wall tile is slightly embossed. Or just use the ferntile as a paperweight or ornament. Cool little gift from us.

Silver Fern

Ponga is the Maori name for the silver fern. Ponga grows in the North Island and the east and north of the South Island. Its fronds have a distinctive silver underside. Māori laid them silver-side up as track markers – in the dark they were lit up by burning torches. The leaves of rangiora were used in the same way.

Source and more information regarding ferns can be found at Te Ara >>

Size of the ceramic fern wall decoration:

Diameter: 6.5cm (2.56″)
Thickness: 1cm (0.39″)

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