Manawa honey, honey of the Urewera


Manawa means ‘heart’. Honey from the heart…

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Manawa honey. Manawa means ‘heart’. Honeys by Tahoe, ‘Children of the Mist”.

Our artisan producers of Honeys of the Urewera, a vast remote untouched forest region. Lying in Te Manawa-o-te-Ika-a-Maui, ‘the heart of Maui’s fish).  We feature 2 giftsets of the Manawa honey:

  • Gift set of two honeys
    Active Manuka Honey

    Our ancestors used manuka for medicinal purposes and our honey has world-famed anti-bacterial properties reflected in the NPA (non-peroxide activity) rating.Manuka gives us a deep amber active honey with earthy undertones. Use it as an elixir and for drinks. Available 250gr jars.

    Tawari Honey
    The tawari tree is found in groves deep within the forests of Te Urewera. Its delicate white flowers were used by our ancestors as garlands. Today from these flowers our bees produce one of the finest honeys of New Zealand.This light honey comes with a punch and a hint of butterscotch. Use it in desserts and to complement fruits and cheese. Available in 250gr jars.

  • Gift set of 3 small honeys
    Tawari, Manuka and Rewarewa Honey

    Lovely little giftset with 3 honeys. Little jars of 110gr.Unique Mahoe HoneyThis light stunning honey, creamy on the palate, comes from the mahoe tree, the botanical name for which is ‘Melicytus’, meaning “honey pot”. Use Unique Mahoe honey straight, in drinks or drizzled over fruits or cheese. Available in 250gr jars.

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Two honeys, Three honeys


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