Manaia bone carving with dolphin


Manaia bone carving with dolphin

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Manaia bone carving with dolphin. Spiritual Guardian, Provider, Protector over the air, waters and land.

The manaia is a supernatural being. An iwi guardian, warding of danger, frightening away intruders. The manaia is a bird-like figure, a spiritual and mythical creature. Some manaia were grotesque bird-like figures, others were almost human, but always with fierce facial expressions.

Little is known about the true significance of specific designs, but there are certain common elements. The figures are usually depicted in side profile – part in the spiritual world, part in this.

There are three fingers and three toes or claws on each limb, and the designs are serpentine, producing flowing lines.

A dolphin is a good omen.

The paua shell resembles the beauty that surrounds you, and within oneself to have high self-esteem and awareness of what is happening around you…

  • Size:
    Height: 72 mm (2.83 inches)
    Width: 33 mm (1.3 inches)

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