Kiwi scoops


Kiwi scoops

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Kiwiscoops has a scoop. We have several scoops… Kiwi scoops. And also Made in New Zealand!

Great for cutting and eating kiwifruit, feijoa, tamarillo, passion fruit and avocado. Cut’n’scoop.

We are currently adding a FREE scoop with all orders, however, you can purchase a pack of 5 right here. A 5-pack, only one short of a 6-pack, but wait… you will receive the FREE scoop… so there’s your 6-pack!

The kiwi fruit in these photos has been cut and eaten.


  • yellow
  • green
  • blue
  • red
  • pink


  • Size scoop: 115mm x 30mm (4.53″x1.18″)


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Weight 30 g


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