Contemporary greenstone whale pendant


Contemporary greenstone whale pendant. We are lost for words. What an amazing pounamu pendant. Unique carving by our Maori carver Aden. A very special taonga for a loved one.

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Contemporary greenstone whale pendant. When we saw this stunning greenstone pendant, we were lost for words. This is such an amazing greenstone pendant. It’s a freeform whale pendant.


Whales were – and are – always special to Maori. Maori would only use whale bone when a whale died of natural causes. It was a gift from ‘Tangaroa’, the guardian of the ocean. There is something special about Maori pounamu (greenstone) pendants. If you are looking for something special, you just found it.

Freeform pendant

Unique one-off freeform whale pendant, also with beautiful colouring. A very special taonga. Taonga means ‘treasure’ in Maori language. Another stunning flower jade pendant that truly makes a statement. Beautiful shades of green.

An unique greenstone pendant by our Maori carver Aden. We’d love to feature more unique pendants by our Maori carver Aden in the future.

In short, an utterly stunning and unique greenstone pendant.

  •  Size contemporary greenstone whale pendant:
    125mm x 60mm (4.92″x 2.36″)

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