Authentic greenstone pepi bracelet


This bracelet is on hold for Roscoe.
Ngai Tahu authentic greenstone bracelet for baby that can be tracked. Beautiful shades of light greenstone. Comes with toggle and sturdy box.

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Authentic greenstone pepi bracelet (for baby). Lightgreen greenstone.

This greenstone bracelet is from a range of gorgeous pieces purpose-made for baby that can be kept as keepsake for years to come. This is a contemporary bracelet design featuring a smooth, high quality cutting of jade and a plaited cord.

All Pounamu is sacred and highly valued by Ngāi Tahu, the most southern tribe of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Carving this pepi greenstone bracelet has been a cornerstone of our culture for hundreds of years and we are honoured that you have chosen to adorn yourself with this most sacred gift.


  • Bracelet

Stone type

  • Kawakawa


  • Tai Poutini ki te Raki, South Island

Carved by:

  • Waewae Pounamu

Size authentic greenstone pepi bracelet

  • 33mm x 23mm (1.30″x0.91″)

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