Authentic greenstone bracelet for baby


Ngai Tahu authentic greenstone bracelet for baby that can be tracked. Beautiful shades of light greenstone. Comes with toggle and sturdy box.


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Authentic greenstone bracelet for baby. Pepi greenstone bracelet. Light greenstone.

This greenstone bracelet is from a range of gorgeous pieces purpose-made for baby that can be kept as keepsake for years to come. This is a contemporary bracelet design featuring a smooth, high quality cutting of jade and a plaited cord.

All Pounamu is sacred and highly valued by Ngāi Tahu, the most southern tribe of Aotearoa, New Zealand.

Carving this sacred stone has been a cornerstone of our culture for hundreds of years and we are honoured that you have chosen to adorn yourself with this most sacred gift.


  • Bracelet

Stone type

  • Kawakawa


  • Tai Poutini ki te Raki, South Island

Carved by:

  • Waewae Pounamu


  • 33mm x 23mm (1.30″x0.91″)

Additional information

Weight100 g


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