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A to Z

  New Zealand from A to Z. A lot of Maori words are used within the English language spoken in New Zealand and we have added a few here as well. And there are many Maori place names in New Zealand, Maori names are very descriptive.

Even though Maori names are quite common in New Zealand, they are not always known to visitors and tourists coming to New Zealand. Quite a few of our NZ artworks and gifts are inspired by New Zealand's flora and fauna, NZ scenery, Maori art and Maori culture.

  • The Maori name for New Zealand. 'Land of the long white cloud'.
    Ao = cloud, tea = white, roa = long
  • Aotearoa's main islands are: 'Te Ika a Maui' or North Island and 'Te Waipounamu' or South Island
Aotearoa logo AOTEAROA.CO.NZ
  • Our site is Aotearoa.co.nz, that's a pretty cool domain name to have!!!
    Aotearoa.co.nz has been an online gift shop for over 15 years, since 1997.
Bethells Beach BEACHES
  • New Zealand has 14,000 kms of coastline, bordering the Tasman Sea and the Pacific Ocean.
    Photo: Bethell's Beach, on Auckland's west coast.
Bone carving, fishhook CARVINGS
  • Carvings are very New Zealand and we feature quite a few greenstone (pounamu) and bone carvings on our site. Our site started with 12 bone carvings. Just because there were no bone carvings online at the time.
Christchurch Cathedral CHRISTCHURCH
Mt Victoria, Devonport at sunset DEVONPORT
  • Aotearoa.co.nz started in Devonport, Auckland, NZ, in 1997. Devonport is an historic seaside suburb only 12 minutes by ferry from downtown Auckland. We LOVE living in Devonport and thoroughly enjoy running an online business promoting NZ art and gifts. Two small volcanos, North Head and Mt Victoria offer spectacular views of Devonport, Auckland city and Rangitoto Island.
  • ETNZ, going for the America's Cup. Let's bring it home! Next time... On my bucket list: join ETNZ for a spin around the Waitemata harbour and Rangitoto Island.  

    New Zealand - Aotearoa is the name of the new ETNZ catamaran.The AC72 is a 72-foot catamaran with a wingsail. It foils. It's fast. Go ETNZ! 
Silver fern FERN
  • Symbol of New Zealand. One of our first New Zealand artists on our site was Graham, from Fronz. Beautiful encapsulated silver ferns, all unique and different. These NZ ferns are available as brooches and pendants. We also have a few other items, like tie-pins, tie-tacs and encapsulated small kina.
Greenstone hook pendant FISHHOOK
  • A very popular design for a Maori carving in either greenstone (pounamu), bone wood or shell. The fishhook represents peace, prosperity, good luck and good health. Also safe travel, especially over water.
NZ gifts GIFTS
  • Our Aotearoa.co.nz site offers a great selection of New Zealand made gifts and kiwiana. We love New Zealand, we love our New Zealand gifts an New Zealand art and we love our online shopping site. And if you are looking for a New Zealand made gift, or a Pacific one, you've found us! Thank you for surfing in.
Harakeke, flax HARAKEKE
  • Flax. The Maori used flax for weaving kete (baskets) and also for fishing.
  • Very popular Kiwi footwear. And they also show up as popular gifts in different medium: ceramics, glass, pendants
kauri tree KAURI
Kiwi artwork by Rustic Twist KIWI
  • The flightless bird, a NZ symbol. And the people of New Zealand are also called Kiwis. The kiwi in the photo is one of our sawblade Kiwis created by Rustic Twist. They create a wonderful variety of corrugated iron animal artworks, sawblade artworks and copper (copper kiwis).
Kiwi fruit KIWIFRUIT
  • Green or gold, growing in the Bay of Plenty and beyond.
Koauau, Maori flute KOAUAU
  • Maori flute. Haunting, but beautiful sound. One of our favourite Maori music cd's is 'Te ku te whe'. It's one of our favourite cd's. And yes, available from Aotearoa.co.nz, both the koauau as the cd.
Korowai, Maori cloak KOROWAI
  • Very popular Maori design that inspires many artists and also us. We have incorporated the koru in our Aotearoa.co.nz logo three times, representing past - present and future. And new beginnings. The first koru on our site was a koru bone carving.
  • New Zealand is Middle Earth; home of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and also the Hobbit. Sir Peter Jackson is an amazing New Zealand director. We feature the Lord of the Ring books by Ian Brodie. Ian signs the book for us, that's quite special.
Maori design MAORI
  • The indigenous people of New Zealand originated from eastern Polynesia and arrived by waka (canoe) between 1250 and 1300 CE. Very unique culture with their own language - te reo Maori - a very interesting mythology, beautiful arts and crafts and performing arts - like the haka. We are very proud to feature beautiful artworks by some of New Zealand's top Maori carvers.
  • The Maori New Year. It starts with the rise of Matariki (group of stars also known as the Pleiades or 'The Seven Sisters') and the sighting of the next new moon.
Nikau tree NIKAU PALM
  • New Zealand native tree. They even found their way into Queen Street and do look pretty good. Also our artists are inspired by our NZ nikau palms.
  • Alas no more, but was a well-known landmark. Even U2 sang about our One Tree Hill. We found an old photo of One Tree Hill, taken quite a few years ago. It's special to us. This photo will be available as a limited edtion print a bit later in the year.
Pacific, tapa cloth PACIFIC
  • New Zealand is part of the Pacific. New Zealand and Pacific culture is interwoven. We also feature some Pacific gifts like tapa cloth from Samoa and Tonga and shell pendants.
NZ Paua shell, abalone shell PAUA
  • Beautiful coloured shells with green, blue, yellow, pink colouring. Nowadays paua shell is incorporated into many artworks and have a sophisticated look. Just a touch of paua gives the item just the right touch. Check out our lovely paua heart pendants.
Pohutukawa tree POHUTUKAWA
  • Our New Zealand Xmas tree. We love the pohutukawa tree... it also indicates the beginning of summertime!
Greenstone korutwist pendants POUNAMU
  • NZ greenstone. Maori proverb: 'Ahakoa he iti he pounamu', although it is small, it is greenstone. Pounamu is considered very precious. Pounamu is found only in the South Island.
Pukeko, NZ swamphen PUKEKO
  • NZ swamp hen. The pukeko has inspired many artists, including our artist Kevin Kilsby - the creator of the original pukeko. Great outdoor gifts.
  • The adventure capital of New Zealand. At the edge of Lake Wakatipu.
Rangitoto Island RANGITOTO
  • The full name of Rangitoto Island is: 'Te Rangi I Totongia a Tama te Kapua' and means the day that Tama's blood was shed. Rangitoto can also be found in many New Zealand artworks, from ceramics to photo blocks to corrugated iron art prints.
Sir Peter Blake SIR PETER BLAKE (1 October 1948 - 5 December 2001)
  • One of our amazing Kiwis. Sir Peter Blake was a New Zealand yachtsman; in 1995 he and his team on their yacht 'Black Magic' brought the Cup home. Sir Peter Blake was an inspiring Kiwi and even now he influences peoples lives.
Sir Edmund Hillary SIR EDMUND HILLARY (20 July 1919 - 11 January 2008)
  • Another great Kiwi legend. Sir Edmund Hillary was the first man to reach the summit of Mt Everest with his Sherpa Tenzing Norgay.

    He tangata, he maunga, he miharo - the man, the mountain, the inspiration
    Mo ake tonu atu - Legend forever
    Ka aroha - Aroha
Taiaha, Maori spear TAIAHA
  • Maori spear. Our Maori carvers can create a full-size taiaha. Beautifully crafted taiaha. We send these precious artworks in a large tube through a courier company.
Te reo Maori TE REO MAORI
  • Is the language of the indigenous people of New Zealand, the Maori. We love te reo Maori. Te reo Maori is an official language of New Zealand. It's very descriptive: Aotearoa, land of the long white cloud.

    Link to 100 Maori words every Kiwi should know.
  • Toe toe, a NZ native grass, they just look lovely... (looks quite similar to the exotic pampas grass). We have toe toe garden art available too.
  • Our native New Zealand living dinosaur. Our artist Greg is based on Waiheke Island and creates these lovely resin tuatara wallhangers. He also creates Pacific Fairies. We hope to add these soon to our site.
Tui, native New Zealand bird TUI
  • Our favourite endemic bird of New Zealand. Tui is also a famous NZ beer, featuring the tui for their branding. Our ceramic tui have found their way to several homes within New Zealand and around the world.
Greenstone mere for U2 U2
  • We are still very proud that we organised 5 greenstone mere on a stand for the world famous band U2. We do have a few very well-know VIP's as recipients of our Aotearoa.co.nz artworks. We normally keep this to ourselves, but this was pretty awesome.
Hello Goina - The concert was amazing, had a blast!! The band absolutely LOVED the mere’s!! In fact they kept their gifts with them, they were so pleased with it! Usually when we present our artists with gifts we take them back and send them over, but they took theirs with them then and there!! The tribute was amazing by both Jay-Z and U2. Would just like to say a massive THANK YOU again Goina, your help was so hugely appreciated!!! I have a little pack I will send you shortly to show our appreciation. Have a good weekend.
Hannah King
Universal Music NZ Limited - December 2010
  • Aotearoa.co.nz is a virtual shop, virtual gallery, however, our customers are most welcome to come over and have a look at our artworks and gifts. We do have some on display.
Waka, Maori canoe WAKA
  • Maori canoe. Isn't it amazing that the Maori navigated their way to Aotearoa - New Zealand. Maui was a Maori navigator. In the photo a beautiful glass waka created by Cre8ive. The waka represents your journey in life.
Whanau, family WHANAU
  • The Maori word for family.
Xmas fairies XMAS
  • X is for Xmas and Xmas fairies. Our fern fairy, pohutukawa fairy and kowhai fairy will look great in any Xmas tree.  
  • Very popular in New Zealand. It's always a joy to see all the yachts sailing the Waitemata Harbour and the Hauraki Gulf. Yachting is very much a part of New Zealand's sporting culture.
  • The Maori name for this native New Zealand penguin is 'Hoiho'. These penguins breed around the South Island and also Stewart Island. Our artist Regan is the talented NZ artist who creates intricate paintings on actual pounamu (greenstone), including this little 'Hoiho' penguin. 
Zeald.com ZEALD
  • Thought we might as well mention New Zealand's leading web design company Zeald; they are right behind our Aotearoa.co.nz site.
  All photos by Aotearoa.co.nz



Aotearoa.co.nz is a New Zealand online gallery of art and craft, and online gift shop. Owned and operated by Goina Thedinga, who lives in Devonport: a historic seaside suburb on a peninsula, just across from downtown Auckland. 



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